Main Chiller Plant Critical Repairs

General Scope

The mechanical scope of the San Diego State University Main Chiller Plant Critical Repairs project involved two new chillers and a rebuild of a third chiller, new cooling towers, VFDs, pumps, and all new switch gear. This plant was to be integrated into the other chilled water plant on campus to operate as a single unit.


Our team provided a complete control system replacement on the main SDSU Chill Plant which services chilled water to the entire campus. The plant programming and sequencing was to also be seamlessly combined with the EBA plant to allow both plants to operate as one. The sequence of operations of this plant were very complex and involved the charge and discharge processes of 2 million gallons of thermal storage, as well as programming the automated and seamless transitions between 5 different modes of plant operation without any downtime between modes.

Customer: San Diego State University
General Contractor:
West Coast Air Conditioning, Inc.
Mechanical Engineer: P2S Engineering, Inc.