master systems integrator

In today’s building, and with the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), more and more devices and systems are capable of integration into the building automation system. As a Master Systems Integrator (MSI), we excel at integrating disparate systems into a unified Building Automation System (BAS).

An MSI must take the lead to ensure that all connected systems are compatible, speak the correct protocol, and will provide the monitoring and control that the customer requires.

Just a few of the protocols we regularly integrate with include Bacnet/IP, Bacnet/MSTP, Lonworks FT-10, Lonworks/IP, Modbus RTU, Modbus/TCP, Fox, FLN, N2 and SNMP.

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legacy systems

Performance Automation Solutions offers a variety of integration services for a multitude of systems. By utilizing the Niagara framework, our team is able to bring your front-end graphics to the 21st century while keeping your existing field controllers online. The integration into the Niagara framework allows your system to be migrated slowly over time as the existing field controllers failed, instead of incurring a large one time cost for a complete system replacement.

We have successfully integrated the following systems/manufactures:

Siemens P1/P2/FLN
Johnson Controls N2 & Bacnet
TAC Vista

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