Borrego Springs Library


The scope for San Diego County project consisted of construction of a 13,500 square foot library raised above a seasonal floodplain in Borrego Springs, California. This library was built to LEED-Gold and Zero Net Energy (ZNE) Specifications. It also serves as an emergency cool zone in case of a city-wide power outage.


Our team provided a complex system to control the building’s heating, cooling, energy metering, and lighting systems. This included control of a state-of-the-art Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system to optimize energy usage while maintaining occupant comfort. We also tied in similarly efficient lighting controls. All systems were integrated into San Diego County’s central control server, where we gave the customer intuitive access to equipment monitoring, building diagnostic information and energy analytics.

Customer: County of San Diego
Architect: RNT Architects
Mechanical Engineer: MA Engineers
General Contractor: BNBuilders
Mechanical Contractor: Countywide Mechanical